Dried Fruits

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Long (Akbari) According to the latest statistic of FAO(related to 2004-2005), Iran is the first country in exporting pistachio in recent years and all of the world believe that name of Iran and pistachio tie to each others.

Raisin: Iranian raisins have different colors considering to the drying conditions. The major kinds are sun dried, sultana, golden and green. Raisin uses in bakery, confectionery and other food industries.

Dried Fig: Fig process contain drying, cleaning, sorting and packing. Dried figs categorized in two main kinds open mouth and close mouth. Open mouth grade famous to 101 figs.

Date: About 400 varieties of date are planted in Iran some of them mentioned below It is believed the date palm has originated around the Persian Gulf or India. but researchers have said Iranians are the first nation that used
date as a food and medicine.

Almonds: There are two kinds of almond, sweet and bitter. Sweet almond grows in almond trees with pink flowers and bitter almond grows in almond trees with white flowers. Sweet almond uses in candies, bakery products, confectioneries & bitter almond uses in different industries.

Walnut: Walnut is used in confectioneries, pastries, and for flavouring. Iranian
walnut kernel considering to the size, fat contain, colour & being
halve to equal part divides into different grades.

Saffron: Researches and documents have shown the food hills of Zagros. The mountains of Iran are the native lands of saffron. The oldest documents about the use of saffron are referred to the Achaemenid era because they wrote all kinds of food products that use in the palace kitchen on a pillar.

Apricot: This product is very sweet with orange color. Sulfur is added to the whole dried apricot in order to preserve the natural color and prevent the product from being infested with bugs

Safflower: Traditionally, the Safflower used for colouring and flavouring foods.